Nutrition Labels

Nutrition labels offer insight on what we are consuming and how much of it we are consuming each day. We have touched on BMR and protein intake to shed some light on how we can approach our caloric intake. Nutrition labels give us valuable information as we make decisions to support our goals.

One of the major ways that nutritional information can help us is by telling us what equals a serving size for a given food. Oftentimes, we may eyeball our servings if we are not weighing our food and truly understanding how much we are eating. You may be eating more (or less) than you think based on what actually makes one serving.

Nutrition Labels

When we know our serving size we can begin to dive further into what nutrients we are receiving in a given serving. Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins are all indicated on the label for the predetermined serving size. This is where apps like Chronometer are highly useful because you can input a given food and any specific serving size that you want. The math is already done for you and added into your daily total.

Percentages of your “daily value” are located on the right side of a nutrition label. However, these percentages are based on a 2,000 calorie (per day) goal which may not be what you are aiming to achieve. Make sure you are looking at your labels as they pertain to you!

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