Omega 3 Fatty Acids, specifically from fish and shellfish have been shown to offer many health benefits. The average diet here in America does not usually ensure that the average adult consumes enough. As a result, fish oil supplements have become very popular. Fish oil MAY offer many benefits including:

● Heart health (Improving cholesterol, lower blood pressure)

● Eye health (Prolonging eye disease from aging)

● Joint health (Combating chronic inflammation)

● Brain health (May assist with depression, may prolong mental decline)

● Skin health (May assist with supporting healthy skin from damage)


The two main forms of fatty acids in fish oil, EPA and DHA, work together and as individuals. In terms of acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, DHA may have a stronger effect on inflammation but the way they work together may be why fish oil in general is effective.

The role of fish oil as an anti-inflammatory agent may provide insight on why some people find benefits of relieving joint pain and discomfort. Reducing inflammation on a larger scale is the main goal even though individuals may see improvements on a smaller scale. Remember, including more Omega 3s in your diet does not have to come solely from a fish oil supplement. Including more foods like salmon, for example, can offer the same benefits.

I understand it might not be appealing to everyone to have fish all week. This is where a quality fish oil supplement can be utilized. Inform your doctor on what you are taking and how much so they can offer advice on possible interactions or dosing adjustments.

Feel free to ask any questions! Conversations are great when you are trying to get the most out of your diet!

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