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Are You Someone Struggling With Losing Weight And Lacking The Energy To Enjoy Life?

  • Does going to a big crowded gym and not knowing what to do stress you out?
  • Are you looking for more individualized attention and privacy with your workouts?
  • Is your hectic schedule make it hard for you to stay consistent with your workouts?
  • Are your goals more sports specific?

Personal Training Is A Great Option For Those:

Our personal training program will simplify the process so you can get the results you deserve!

  • Who have not worked out in years
  • With little to no previous gym experience
  • Wanting to slowly get back into a fitness routine
  • Wanting more privacy during their workouts
  • Coming off any injury
  • Wanting faster results

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Together, we will discuss your health & fitness goals and discuss a plan to achieve them. We’ll show you around the gym and meet with our personal trainers.

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Start becoming fitter, healthier, leaner, and have the energy to do the things you love.



Every time you step in the gym, you’ll be with a fitness professional to guide you through the workout.

Individualized Workouts

Your workouts will be designed based on your goal, schedule, and current fitness level.


Your training session will only be you and your personal trainer.

With Over 100 5-Star Reviews

The workouts at first Capital Gym have had a great effect on me. After my workouts, I feel great and the rest of the day is easily done.
I now cannot imaging NOT doing this routine."
- Scott

"I'm a 50 year old rookie to fitness and intimidated of gyms. If you want to get strong no matter your age, body type or skill level, get off your butt and off the couch.
Stop making excuses and go to First Capital Gym."
- Jamie

"I feel stronger than ever. I never thought that I would do some of the workouts that I am doing now. The friendly environment and individualized attention here at FCG improves your motivation to change your lifestyle and achieve your goal."
- Sumathi

"First Capital Gym is great and very knowledgeable! I feel a connection from my first workout. 

The workouts are personalized to me and my goals and the gym has a great atmosphere."
- Melissa B

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