Progressions to Kettlebell Deadlifts

Like we mentioned last week (and plenty of times before that), the deadlift or hip hinge is an excellent exercise to work the posterior chain (muscles you can’t see), build strength, burn fat, and save your back.

We also showed you examples of how we progress the deadlift, starting with patterning and then eventually to kettlebells.  If you haven’t seen that, check it out here:  Probably the Best Exercise You are NOT Doing!

In our Small Group Training, when we feel our members are proficient enough with deadlifting the kettlebell, we’ll move to the trap bar deadlift.  The trap bar deadlift, we feel, is a safe progression from the kettlebell and a great alternative to barbell deadlifting.  In our Small Group Training classes, we will usually program anywhere from 2-4 sets of 6-8 repetitions.

The barbell deadlift is used with members who have been with us for a while or used in Personal Training sessions because of the learning curve.  With that said, the barbell deadlift is an extremely effective exercise.  We like to program 2-4 sets of 3-5 reps when we use the barbell.

If you noticed, Selina followed the same guidelines as she did deadlifting the kettlebell. 

  • Hinge back at the hips
  • Grip the bar as hard as you can
  • Engage the lats
  • Sniff some air and brace
  • Push through the floor to get the bell off the floor
  • Finish in a strong plank position
  • Hinge back following the same points above and sit the bell down

Following these points and using proper progression & load, the deadlift with the trap bar & barbell are excellent exercises.

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