Proper Hydration

Proper hydration is crucial to our health and our performance in the gym. It is very hard to expect perfect energy levels each day if we aren’t keeping something as easy as our water intake in check. What a luxury we have to be surrounded by clean water sources.

How much water should I drink? Different answers exist but I usually stick to the starting recommendation of drinking half of your bodyweight in ounces of water.

A 200 pound adult should be getting at least 100 ounces of water each day. As physical activity increases through exercise, yardwork, or hiking we should have more.

Proper hydration

As we swiftly approach summer, those long weekends in the heat and sun or days on the beach or around the pool make hydration levels even more important. Now, before you say it, I understand that plain water is not exciting and flavorful. If you insist on having some flavor, there are supplements to help.

You want to make sure your supplement contains most or all of the 6 most important electrolytes. Keep an eye out for your supplements containing Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Chloride and Phosphorus. These are essential to helping the body stay hydrated and utilize the water that you’re drinking.

Hydra-Charge by Kaged Muscle is my absolute favorite hydration supplement. It does not come in packets but it comes with a tiny scoop so you can add it to your water. It contains 5 of the 6 above mentioned electrolytes for overall support, coconut water powder for additional support, Taurine (an amino acid that supports performance and electrolyte usage) AND an antioxidant blend for added immune support. It’s a powerhouse supplement that is very tough to beat. There are amazing flavors to choose from which make you want to drink and enjoy your water!
If you are currently taking something like this or have an interest, ask questions!

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Michael Allen

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Michael has been working with clients in the gym and countless adults in a physical therapy setting since 2013. He spent 3 semesters working at Towson University with student-athletes from nearly every sport at the school. He served as the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for Kennard-Dale High School during the 2019-2020 school year. His goal is to always get better and give you the safest and most effective use of your time at First Capital Gym.