Ready To Drink Protein Shakes

Ready to drink (RTD) protein drinks can be a great option when trying to meet your daily protein needs! We’ve discussed protein and the importance of getting enough to support your overall health and muscle recovery. RTD protein drinks are widely available and a convenient “on-the-go” option for almost everyone. They are ideal snack options during work, road trips, hikes, beach days, or any time where you’re out and about and want to make sure you get your protein. Warm weather is on the way and that means busier schedules and vacations! No time to slack!

Most RTD options contain 20-30 grams per drink, some contain even more, and can be found everywhere from grocery stores to gas stations. They are already mixed and contain a smooth consistency for those worried about strange textures. They are small in size and can fit in any lunch bag or cooler. I can tell you we personally stock up when we go to the beach and keep them on hand! It’s hard to beat a quick dose of protein to help keep you going in the sun and sand.

Now, there are still other things to consider. Most companies stick to chocolate and vanilla with the occasional company having a few other options. RTD protein is also pricey compared to buying protein powder and making your own shake. Additional packaging leads to higher cost per shake but the convenience can absolutely be worth it. Sam’s Club and Costco offer 12 or 15 pack RTD options and can be most cost effective if you don’t mind sticking to one flavor for a little.

Another sidenote, is that some RTD options do not always contain the highest quality protein. This is not an omen, it simply means it is difficult to find an RTD option with a Whey Protein Isolate (very high quality mentioned in previous posts) without paying a ton of money. Most options will be more than effective considering the majority of your protein will be, and should be, coming from whole foods. Vegan RTD options exist as well! Any questions? Feel free to ask!

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