Same Complex, Different Tools

We spent the last couple of weeks going over complexes and the benefits of them.  Depending on the equipment you have, you can do the same complex.  In the examples below, we show the same complex but use kettlebells, dumbbells, and a barbell. 


Overhead Press x 5

Squats x 5

Rows x 5

Lunges x 5


Overhead Press x 8

Squats x 8

Rows x 8

Lunges x 8e


Overhead Press x 8

Squats x 8

Lunges x 5e

Rows x 8

Within the last few weeks, you have received many varieties of complexes you can use in your own training.  Again, when you’re look for a total body workout that’s both effective and time efficient, you can’t go wrong with complexes.

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