Small Group Training Explained

What is Small Group Training?  You might have heard it as Small Group Personal Training or even Semi Private Training.  It’s really the same thing.  What it is not is personal or private training.  That is done 1 on 1.

At First Capital Gym, it’s defined very simple: 1 coach/trainer for a small group up to 5 people.  At this ratio, you are able to get more coaching & attention than you would in a larger group setting (we call the larger group Team Training).  Also, more complex lifts (bigger bang for your buck) that need more coaching are used to get better results.

It’s been known for years (maybe not here in York….yet) that Small Group Training is the future.  It’s been proven that you get better results at a lesser price than Personal/Private Training.  Unless you’re a baller, 3 personal training sessions at anywhere from $65-80 per hour is pretty steep.  Coming in 2-3 times per week at Small Group Training price would be the answer to this problem.

During our consultations with new members, we get asked this question.

As far as the workout goes, what’s the difference between Small Group Training & Team Training?

Answer: Small Group Training is more strength focused.  We know by now that strength training should be the primary ingredient whether your goal is fat loss, performance enhancement (sports), or just to live a better life.  Strength training is going to increase lean muscle mass>>>this is a GREAT THING when you’re trying to lose fat!  Bottom line is this: Strength training is going to be the bread & butter of your success.  In our Small Group Training sessions, we end every session (10-18 minutes on avg) with some “cardio” (I hate that word) work to get the heart rate up.

Team Training on the other hand is more of your “cardio” (cringe) workout.  Here the main focus is getting the heart rate up in a controlled matter with enough rest in between.  Meaning, you’re recovering between sets to go hard for your training sets.  Sets of 100 burpees or 1000 mountain climbers isn’t going to be your answer, unless you like the feeling of being beat in the ground and central nervous system fried.

When combined, Small Group Training & Team Training could be a great mix.  If you were looking to burn fat & lose weight, I would recommend 2-3 Small Group Training sessions and 1 Team Training session per week.  The Team Training is used to supplement the Small Group sessions.  A simple analogy would be a double cheeseburger.  The Small Group Training is 2 all beef patties and your Team Training are the condiments.