Some Simple Squat Variations

This month, our goal is to help you out with some basic exercises you do at the gym Last week, we looked at some regressions to basic lunges and pushups.  If you missed that, check it out here

This week, we’re going to look at some squat regressions.  Squatting is a great exercise when done right.  It’s one of those exercises that can be used for strength, power, and, it can be used as part of a condition circuit.  Despite its effectiveness, many people have problems squatting.  What’s worse, some even have pain doing them.

Below are some squatting variations that we use at First Capital Gym.  One thing that is not discussed in the video is the importance of your set up.  If your set up is wrong, everything after that is going to be thrown off.  For most people, taking a stance wider than shoulder width apart and feet slightly pointing out is a good start. Now, if you have medical issues or some type of restriction, these may not be for you.  If you’re healthy but still have issues squatting, check these out below.

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