Split Squats

The split squat has been a forgotten exercise and we don’t know why.  The split squat is a tremendous lower body exercise that works the hips, glutes, and quads.

 If you been a member at a gym for anytime, you will see people attempt lunges or rear foot elevated split squats.  In most of these cases, you see the knees collapsing, heels coming up, or an exaggerated forward lean. 


At First Capital Gym, we use the split squat as a precursor to lunges, rear foot elevated split squats, and other split stance exercises.  No, they are not the most sexiest exercise in the world, but if you load them up right, they can definitely do the trick.

When performing the split squat, you need to make sure several points:

              #1 You take time in your set up: Foot, ankle, knee, hip, and shoulder should be aligned

              #2 When you descend during the split squat, your front heel remains in contact with the ground

              #3 The front knee should be tracking in line with the foot and not collapsing

              #4 During the ascent, drive through the front foot

            Below, Amber will show you the first 3 progressions we use with the split squat.  Normally, we like to progress to lunges and rear foot elevated split squats when people get to at least a 25# goblet split squat.

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