Summer is Coming!!!!

Today is May 1st and summer is right around the corner.  With that said, vacations are soon coming up, along with graduation parties, cookouts, and other fun events.  Just like the month of December, the summer time is where people sometimes coast or even just stop working out and living healthy. 

Do we want you to have fun with your family and friends this summer?  Yes!  But let’s not totally go backwards when you’ve been making great strides up to this point. 

Believe it or not, this has not been a problem with us for the past few summers.  Our members still come in and train.  But we do realize there are bigger temptations to miss training sessions.  With that said, we’re going to be posting a bunch of workouts that you can do whether you missed your session or are going on vacation.  We plan on showing beginner, intermediate, and some advanced workouts.

Usually, time is the main excuse when people miss training sessions during the summer.  Don’t worry, we’ll have you covered.  All the workouts we’ll show will take 30 minutes of less.  We would like to add that these workouts are only temporarily!  These are not programs but quick workouts.  We don’t recommend doing random things.  This is just to get you by for a couple of days or a week.

For the first workout, you would need to be able to swing a kettlebell properly.  If you need help what a good swing looks like, check out the link here:

Below we have Kathy swinging a 16kg bell for a set of 20.  After the 20th rep, she would rest for 30-90 seconds.  Anywhere from 5-10 sets would be good enough.

Summer is right around the corner.  Come check us out with our 30 Day Jump Start Program by clicking here>>