Supplements: Where Should I Start?

Starting your fitness journey can feel very intimidating. It’s important to understand that massive changes will not and should not occur overnight. Start by working on the 5 main factors that will contribute most to your overall success.

Having a consistent exercise schedule

Making changes in your nutrition (eating breakfast, more protein, less alcohol)

Drinking more water

Making sleep a priority

Taking supplements

Supplements: Where Should I Start?

By working on these 5 things you can start to make serious changes in your health and fitness. The first 4 are easy to understand. However, they can still be challenging to execute without discipline. So, what about supplements for someone starting their fitness journey?

The two main supplements for people starting out are:


Fish oil

Multivitamins can help fill the gaps in your nutrition where you may be lacking. Regular exercise can be supported greatly by proper nutrition. While starting out and being more aware of your diet, it can be beneficial to supplement with a multivitamin. It can help with energy support and offer vitamins and minerals to help support your body while you make changes in your nutrition.

            Fish oil supplements can offer many benefits including the support of your brain, eyes, heart, skin and joints! These supplements can also help you combat inflammation which is important for staying healthy and avoiding serious health conditions.

Secondary to multivitamins and fish oil, people starting out can benefit from supplementing:


Vitamin D

Magnesium has numerous benefits including:

Better sleep

Improved mood and response to stress

Muscle and nerve function

Immune system support

Supporting healthy blood pressure levels

Vitamin D is usually included in a multivitamin but many people choose to supplement even more particularly during the winter months when sunlight can be elusive. Vitamin D offers benefits such as:

Muscular strength and endurance levels

Immune system support

Combats inflammation

Bone health

Sleep support

Helps regulate blood sugar levels

Supplements can offer many benefits and support your fitness journey. Make sure your doctor approves any supplements you may be interested in. Start with a multivitamin and fish oil and see if they work for you. From there, you can add more. Be sure to exercise consistently, improve your nutritional habits, stay hydrated, avoid alcohol and make sleep a priority. Once you can say you’re making improvements, consider putting supplements into the mix.

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