Tactical Strength Challenge

3 coaches from First Capital Gym competed in StrongFirst’s Tactical Strength Challenge.  The Tactical Strength Challenge is held throughout the whole country.  It tests your max deadlift, max pull ups, and max kettlebell snatches.  For women, there is two weight classes and for men, just one.

To say First Capital Gym represented the York area well was an understatement.

Jane placed 12th overall in her division with:

165 # deadlift, 3 pull ups, an 109 snatches at 56 years old!!

Amber placed 5th overall with:

245# deadlift, 12 pull ups, and 128 snatches

Ryan placed 6th overall with:

550# deadlift, 23 pullups, and 116 snatches

Thanks to everyone who helped us get ready for this!  A big thanks to Charlie Weingroff for building the program we used!