The Core Is More Than Your Abs

You’ve heard how important it is to keep your core strong. But if you think that means tons of time on your back performing sit-ups and crunches, think again.

The core involves so much more than your abs – and a more engaging set of exercises to keep it shipshape.

It’s your entire midsection, including your hips and glutes (butt). It is the foundation of your body, the area that directs all your movements – forward, back, side to side… arms, legs. Your hips, abs and glutes all work together and provide support for your back. So, if the core is weak, it can lead to compensation, pain and injury.

You want to train your core so it can send necessary force to your limbs.

Sit-ups and crunches aren’t the best way to do that. (Which is great, because they’re also boring and can strain your neck and back.)

Your abdominals absorb force and produce force, most times in a rotational pattern, so it’s good to train them that way.

For instance, a chop will strengthen that rotational pattern, making it easier for you to do just about anything, like household chores and your tennis swing.

The hips require more mobility, generating movement in multiple planes of motion.

So, when you think about core training, scrap the notion that it’s just about the abs and feeling the burn.

Your core is a team of muscles, and we can show you how to work them together for better ease, power and protection from injury -- and more fun than endless sit-ups!

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Michael Allen

Author Bio

Michael has been working with clients in the gym and countless adults in a physical therapy setting since 2013. He spent 3 semesters working at Towson University with student-athletes from nearly every sport at the school. He served as the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for Kennard-Dale High School during the 2019-2020 school year. His goal is to always get better and give you the safest and most effective use of your time at First Capital Gym.