Turn Outcome Goals into Behavior Goals

Last week, we started looking at how to set and achieve your health and fitness goals.  If you missed the first step, click on the link here>> https://www.firstcapitalgym.com/how-to-set-and-achieve-better-health-and-fitness-goalsfor-good-this-time-2/

The second step is turning “outcome goals” into behavior goals.

Usually when you ask someone about their fitness goals, most people start with the outcome(s) they want. For example… I want to lose 20 pounds…I want to look ripped…I want to wear the same size pants I wore in high school…I want to deadlift 2x my bodyweight.

Outcome goals describe how we want things to be at the finish line. Not the process that’s going to get you there.

Outcomes are affected by environmental things like your job, kids, family, school, etc. They’re also influenced by physical things like hormones, chronic illness, stress, age, sleep…you get the idea. You can’t always control your circumstances, but you can control what you do. That is why behavior goals are so important. They focus on the things you can control.

Behavior goals are a representation of your commitment to practice a particular set of actions or tasks as consistently or regularly as possible.

Here are a few examples of how we can turn outcome goals into behavior goals:

Outcome                                              Behavior

Lose 10 pounds.                                               Eat until satisfied instead of stuffed at each meal.

Lower blood sugar.                                          Eat fruit for dessert, instead of sweets 3x a week.

Squat more weight.                                          Squat 3x a week at various intensities.

Sleep 8 hours a night.                                       Create a calming bedtime routine.

Have a better relationship                                Have a date night once a week.

with partner.

Notice how both outcome and behavior goals are trackable, but behavior goals are usually more effective because they give you an action step to get you to the outcome.

So how can you set good behavior goals today?

Start by writing down one outcome you are looking for. From there, think about the skills you may need to get to that outcome goal. Next to each skill, write down the behavior you can do that will help build that skill. Actually follow through and do that behavior each day going forward.

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