Vitamin D: Sleep and How to Take It

So far, we have discussed how Vitamin D supports gym performance, bone health, immune system function, reducing inflammation and how it plays a role in managing your blood sugar and insulin response. Now we’ll talk about how Vitamin D can support the quality of your sleep.

We discussed the importance of sleep and supplement options that exist to help encourage better sleep. Also, be mindful of how close to bedtime we are consuming caffeine, using our phone, watching tv in bed, and other distractions.

Low levels of Vitamin D can be associated with a reduction in sleep quality and duration as well as increases in sleep disturbances. This does not mean that Vitamin D will help you fall asleep, it simply means that healthy levels can help support your sleep. As we discussed, Vitamin D deficiencies are very common. It is challenging to get all the Vitamin D through your diet which is why it is imperative to get outside (especially during warmer months) and to provide your body with some supplementation to ensure adequate consumption during the colder months.

            Vitamin D comes in many forms and it is truly up to you what time of day you take it. Whatever you find is most appropriate for you to stay consistent is your best option. Many people take it with breakfast, but I personally have no issues taking it before bed. It is truly what works for you. There is rarely a one size fits all for training and taking supplements and this is no different.

An important side note about Vitamin D is that it is a “fat-soluble” vitamin. This means that it will be more effectively utilized by your body if you consume it with foods containing fats. A good example would be if you have eggs in the morning, the healthy fats in the eggs will help with the absorption of the Vitamin D.

Hopefully this “mini-series” shed some light on how important adding Vitamin D to your diet and routine can be for your overall health and performance in the gym!

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