What to do when you can’t make your training sessions

We have been getting a lot questions on what to do when you can’t make your training sessions.  Sometimes weather and something called life get in the way.  Now you could take the day off which is fine because as you know, recovery is a MUST for you to achieve your goals.  But let’s say you’re OCD or you need to get something in to blow off some steam but you don’t know what to do.


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Warm Up: 5-6 minutes >> foam roll, flexibility & mobility, BW movements

Power & Core: 6 minutes >> 2-3 sets

Strength: 20 minutes>> 2-3 tri sets of 6-12 repetitions using full body movements

Metabolic/Finisher: 6-10 minutes


What Does This Look Like?


Warm Up:

Foam Roll >> calves, quads, Glutes, and upper back

Flexibility & Mobility: ½ kneeling hip flexor stretch, 90/90, Open ½ kneeling t-spine rotations, Hip Swings

Power Core:

Jumps w/ Stick x 8

Ankle Rocks x 10e

Planks x 30-60 seconds



Dumbbell Squat x 8

Dumbbell Row x 8e

Ankle Rocks x 8e

45 second rest between each, 3x


Single Leg Deadlift x 8e

Pushups x 8

Suitcase Carry x 50 yds

45 second rest between each, 3x




Bike: 15 seconds going HARD/45 off for 10 minutes


Let’s say you only have kettlebells and you’ve been training with us for a while and have some skills


Here’s a quick single bell complex:


5 snatches

5 swings

1 clean

5 squats


Rest for 90 seconds and repeat 2-3 times


Here’s a quick double bell complex:

5 clean & jerks

5 squats

5 presses


So, there you go.  Just remember, ALWAYS, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.


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