Where Do You Want To Be At 40, 50, 60, 70?

Where do you want to be 10-20 years from now?

If you’re in your 30s, where do you want to be when you’re 40?

Where do you want to be in your 50s?

A post from one of our friends Thomas Plummer on Facebook got me thinking about fitness as we get older.  At First Capital Gym, our members range from about 35-60.  Sure, there are a couple younger (not including athletes) and older but the majority fit that range. One of the things that motivates me are people reaching a level of fitness that they weren’t able to do when they were younger.  They may not know it, but it motivates myself and our other coaches to keep working hard in our training.  When I hit 50, I’m hoping to still do pullups, swings, and deadlifts.  

Another cool thing our “older” members are able to do is enjoy life.  Many of them golf, hike, ski, enjoy the outdoors, and are able to play with their grandchildren.  This is priceless!        

Some of our newer members are sometimes in awe when they see our veteran members do things.  What they don’t know is the amount of time it took to get to there.  It wasn’t constant high intensity interval training workouts or fad diets.  It was consistency.  Showing up.  Making this a lifestyle and not a 30 day or 365 day fix is the key to success.

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