Why 3rd Party Testing Is Important When Purchasing Supplements

Supplements are a great way to support your overall health and your efforts in the gym! When deciding on a product to help you with a particular goal it can be a challenge to pick the best one for you. A good place to start is by making sure the product is third party tested.

Why is this important? Supplement companies rarely get their products approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and there is usually a disclaimer stating that the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

 Now, this does not mean that a particular supplement is not safe. The FDA is simply saying that they did not evaluate it, they cannot confirm if the product contains exactly what the label says or that it will achieve the desired results.

Now, third party testing for supplements is a way that these companies can have their product “verified” or “certified” to be legitimate and safe. Companies like NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), USP (United States Pharmacopeia), and ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) offer their services to observe facilities and test products to ensure that good manufacturing practices are being used.

Any supplement that bears the stamp of approval from one or more of these companies is a good place to start. The third party verification helps you feel better that your product is free of heavy metals or other contaminants, accurate potency of ingredients used and that your product actually contains what the label says it does. You’d probably hate to buy a car and later find out that it has no engine when the dealership told you that it had an engine.

High quality supplements will contain some sort of third party testing. The examples above are the big players but are not the only companies who offer these services. They are a few of the most well known and trusted. If you are making efforts towards putting quality, whole foods into your body, do the same with your supplement choices.

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