Fish Oil

Fish Oil is a popular and widely used supplement for a variety of reasons.  It is important to first understand that if you consume fish 1-2 times per week you are already a step ahead for receiving its benefits.  Supplementation of Omega-3s, particularly those found in fish oil, would be most beneficial for the individual who doesn’t consume fish regularly in their diet. 

Why supplement with fish oil?  How can it help you? 

  • Heart Health – Ability to help lower triglycerides and help increase good cholesterol
  • InflammationIt may help reduce chronic inflammation, which is linked to obesity, diabetes, depression and heart disease.  This is also important for any gym goer to support muscle recovery!  Chronic inflammation can contribute to muscle depletion and impairing the growth response!
  • Brain Health -- Much of the brain in made up of fat and this includes Omega-3s!  They are essential for supporting brain health and may even offer support with certain medical disorders and their symptoms
  • Skin & eye health
  • Can aid in weight loss
  • Bone health
  • Asthma & allergy symptoms
fish oil

Omega-3 supplements are widely available but be aware that you want the highest quality possible!  Look for a fish oil supplement that is third party tested and has the “GOED” seal of purity to ensure you are getting the best possible product. 

Try and avoid purchasing a fish oil supplement in an “ethyl ester” (EE) form because your body may not be able to process this as well.  Many other forms exist including triglycerides (TG), phospholipids (PL) and free fatty acids (FFA)

Make sure you are getting an appropriate dose of EPA and DHA which are the two forms of Omega-3s that most people will benefit from.  Aim to find a product that contains at least 500mg total of these two forms per 1000mg serving. 

Keep your supplement as fresh as possible away from light and potentially in the fridge.  Be mindful of your diet and if you normally consume fish you are already on your way.  If you do not eat fish, this may be an ideal supplement or your options for Omega-3s can include chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp seeds.  Plant sources usually just contain the ALA form of Omega-3s.  These options not sourced from fish may not offer the same concentration or forms but they will still offer benefits for an individual that requires it.


            There are benefits for everyone, find what Omega-3 supplement works for you!

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