GABA, or Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, works in our bodies by reducing excitability in our nervous system. In short, it can help produce a general sense of ca. Additionally, it works together with serotonin, another chemical in our brains that helps regulate mood, anxiety and feelings of happiness. Benefits of GABA include:

Better stress management

More restful sleep

Better focus

Potential to support body composition

Supplemental GABA is an option, as are dietary sources. GABA as a supplement, is normally offered at a 100mg serving size. With supplements, you know how much you get. Nutritional sources may not necessarily contain it but they could support your production of GABA. Natural food sources include:

Fermented foods (kimchi and miso)

Green, black and oolong tea

Brown rice



Sweet potatoes


GABA could be a great option for you but it is important to check with your doctor before you start taking a supplement. If you’re cleared, see how it works for you. The effectiveness of GABA will be different depending on the person. Don’t rely on it but in conjunction with regular exercise, good nutrition and proper hydration you may find that it can help your mood and sleep!

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