Importance of Fiber

Eat more fiber, they say, and for good reason too. Consuming adequate amounts of fiber is very important for our overall health and particularly, our gut health. There are two main types: soluble and insoluble and typically comes from indigestible parts of plants. Even though we cannot digest it, fiber travels through our digestive tract and helps us in different ways.

Fiber undergoes fermentation in our large intestine which offers healthy byproducts that benefit our gut health. Soluble fiber is more fermentable and is typically responsible for this particular benefit of fiber. Insoluble fiber acts much better as a bulking agent that helps us improve our ability to eliminate waste and prevent constipation.

A bigger picture of the benefits of fiber includes:
●Supports healthy blood sugar levels by slowing absorption into the bloodstream
●Increased fecal bulk
●Supports healthy cholesterol levels
●Trapping and eliminating toxic substances from the body
●Positive impact and interaction with gut flora (a massive source of our overall health)

The relationship between fiber intake and our microbiome (the big picture of our gut health and its impact on our overall health) is the big focus these days. Diets high in fiber promote the health and diversity of our gut bacteria. Our diets can have such a negative effect on this system that low fiber diets over the long-term can completely eliminate beneficial bacteria from our gut.
Our gut health can dictate massive areas of our overall health including the immune system and inflammation.

Some of the best dietary sources of fiber are:

Many other fruits, vegetables and nuts are good sources of dietary fiber. Additionally, it should be noted that current recommendations are 25-30 grams of fiber each day. More research is always being done as our knowledge increases on the vast world that is our gut microbiome and what factors influence it and change it. One thing is certain, consuming adequate fiber improves our gut health and heart health and in turn, our overall health. 

Amber Zuver

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