Sitting Machines & Artifacts

Drive (sit) to work.
Sit at work.
Drive (sit) back home.
Sit and eat dinner.
Drive (sit) to gym.
Do a machine (sit) circuit.
Drive (sit) back home

Sitting is considered one of the top killers in America today.  I hope people by now realize the importance of movement throughout the day and the dangers of sitting.  What I think most people don’t realize is the amount of time people sit while they workout.  What I find more strange when doing consultations, is the number of people who STILL do machine workouts. 

At First Capital Gym, we have absolutely no seated machines.  None whatsoever.  Never needed them and I have worked with people in ALL TYPES OF SITUATIONS including rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation.  I love the look on new member’s faces when they see our training facility and realize there’s no artifacts like leg extensions and chest press machines.  I ease their concern when I tell them this is a training gym that focuses on results.  These results will come with better nutrition choices and functional training. 

Ok.  So let’s say you’re new to training or your used to training on machines.  There is still hope!  Below are some examples of common machine exercises and what you could do instead.

Seated Chest Press

Seated Machine Row

Leg Press

Let’s say the goblet squat is too hard for you.  Try this instead:

Leg Extensions

If bodyweight is too difficult, try this regression:

Now look at the exercises we provided and the exercises that are done on a machine.  Now ask yourself which ones are more beneficial.  The one’s we showed ARE WAY MORE BENEFICIAL.  The ones done on a machine work only once muscle at a time while the ones we showed used many muscles.  If you’re goal is to lose weight and burn fat, which is usually the #1 goal, why would you pick the ones on the machines?

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