Split Squat Correction #1

On Monday, we showed you 4 variations of the split squat.  With these variations and the ones we will show you, some common issues arise when people have trouble performing them.

When new members come to us from other gyms, most of the time, the biggest issue is the set up.  This is true to not only the split squat but other exercises as well.  If the set up isn’t good, there will be a higher rate of failure.

When we set up for the split squat, we want to make sure that the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and shoulder are all aligned.  If we set up wrong and the front foot is pointed to the outside, a lot of the times, the knee will go into valgus (caving in).  This is no good!

So again, take your time in your set up.

Here’s a video explaining it