Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one the most important, beneficial and affordable supplements you can have in your arsenal. Let’s take a look at how Vitamin D can help us stay healthy and support our training at the gym.

Vitamin D deficiency can be prevalent among individuals of any age and supplementation can be even more important during the winter months when we spend more time inside. Our Vitamin D levels are supported by spending time in the sun and any exposure to sunlight is less effective in winter. This time of year, is crucial to meet Vitamin D requirements to ensure we are as sufficient as possible.

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Sufficient levels of Vitamin D show a strong correlation to optimal muscle function. In addition, other performance factors like muscle strength, balance, coordination, and endurance can be influenced by proper Vitamin D levels!

In terms of recovery, Vitamin D is involved in how your body jumpstarts your muscle recovery and is also involved in reducing inflammation. Both of these factors can help support your recovery and help you train at a higher level more frequently!

Let’s not forget training longevity, because after all, that’s the name of the game right? If we stay healthy and injury-free, that means we can consistently train, recover and repeat!

Vitamin D plays a role in this by supporting your immune system and supports bone health and fracture prevention. The team of Vitamin D and Calcium help support your bones and provide additional support to our training and as we age.

Vitamin D is available in many forms including liquids, gummies, tablets, and capsules. It should be noted that Vitamin D3 (animal source) is more potent than D2 (plant source) and ideally should be used for supplementation!

Vitamin D is at the cornerstone of our health and longevity and we will discuss additional benefits next week!

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