You Are The Captain Of Your Ship

Have you ever let your own thoughts get in the way and screw you over? Have you ever walked into a situation knowing you were going to fail before you even attempted it? And in that situation, when it was all said and done, did it occur to you that perhaps had you changed your mindset, maybe, just maybe you could have also changed the outcome?

I myself have been guilty of getting a little too, “all in my head” from time to time. Failed at a possible PR lift because I mentally talked myself out of it. Missed opportunities because I allowed myself to believe I wasn’t capable, or “good enough”.

Have you been there yourself?

The ability to stay positive and maintain positive thoughts can have a huge impact on how to react to a situation emotionally. Your inner dialogue that you use to describe what is happening to you, and to discuss how you feel about the events happening around you; can trigger the emotions of happiness or unhappiness you experience. It can also be the difference between failing or succeeding.

When you choose to see things positively, and look for the good in each situation and person, you are more likely to be naturally more optimistic.

Since your overall quality of life is strongly determined by how you feel, one of your most important goals should be to use positive affirmations or “self talk” to help you be successful at  whatever you set out on. In other words, “become the captain of your own ship.”

One of my favorite and I’m sure many others favorite, lines from the movie ‘The Help’ is:

“You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

What if you started every day telling yourself that you were a good person? That you could do what you had set out to do that day? That you believed in yourself? Better yet, what if you actually began to believe the words you were saying to yourself?

Can you imagine how much easier it would be to keep your mind calm, clear, and completely under control if you learned how to truly have faith and trust in yourself?

Here are 5 ideas you can use to help you stay positive, optimistic and silence your inner critic…

1.    Find The Good In Every Situation

Decide in advance that no matter what happens, you will not allow it to bring you down. You WILL respond in a positive, constructive way. You will take a deep breath, relax, and look for whatever good you can find, no matter the situation. When you decide this in advance, you are mentally prepared to not get knocked out of the game when things inevitably go wrong as they so often do in life.

2.    Neutralize All Negative Thoughts

Learn how to get rid of negative thoughts. A long time ago my Pastor told us during a particularly impactful sermon, to pray prior to every situation to “only put out and allow in,  positive thoughts and vibes, and to deflect all negativity.” This has stuck with me for years and I have prayed this thought more times than I can count.

Repeat positive affirmations such as,

I feel healthy.

I feel happy.

I feel blessed.

I like myself and I love the work I am able to do for others.

Say things like, “today is a great day!”

Whatever you say to yourself and others is pushed into your subconscious by nature and the more likely you repeat, the more likely it will become a permanent part of your personality.

3.    Look At All Setbacks As Temporary

Look at the negative situations in your life as something that is only temporary and “this too shall pass.” Likely whatever it is that is possibly getting you down is brought on by external factors that are completely out of your control. Tell yourself, “this may be out of my control but I will work through it and come out on the other side.” Maintain these positive thoughts as you work to progress forward.

4.    Learn And Grow From Every Struggle Or Difficulty You Face

Keep in mind that it is impossible to learn and grow with out going through adversity. “ A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor”. You must deal with and rise above situations in order to accomplish what you set out for in life, this includes happiness.

5.     Keep Your Goals At The Forefront Of Your Mind, & Never Stop Dreaming

Last but not least, keep your thoughts and focus on your dreams. Make those dreams a goal, and then a reality. Create action steps towards accomplishing those dreams and believe in the impossible. When things go wrong, respond by telling yourself, “I believe in the perfect outcome of every situation in my life.” Don’t get discouraged if you have to repeat this to yourself many times over until it happens. Be cheerful and positive and use every opportunity to use every temptation to respond negatively as an opportunity to grow stronger mentally by talking to yourself in an optimistic way.

Are you guilty of letting your negative thoughts or self talk get in the way of your nutrition and training goals? Have you punished yourself for eating something “bad”, or for bingeing? How about missed a training session and then beat yourself up so much about it or felt so guilty over it, that it carried over into the next? Or maybe you missed the next or the next because of that guilt? That negative self talk that you’re only hearing from yourself?

Learn how to help tamp down that Negative Nancy living inside all of us and establish better habits in my 10 Day Healthy Living Challenge!

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