Is Your Diet Broken?

Most of us are familiar with these popular slogans or buzz words:

“Just eat whole foods.”

“Eat more fat and drop the carbs”

“If it doesn’t come from the ground or doesn’t have a mother; don’t eat it.”

“If it doesn’t run, swim, or fly…or isn’t a vegetable don’t eat it.”

It’s easy to try to simplify healthy, mindful eating into a 5 second sales pitch. But how do you actually make it work for you?

“I have to cut out ALL sugar…and dairy, and OMG carb are the devil, get rid of them! I have to eat more protein..more heathy fats (what the heck is a healthy fat?)…and more vegetables. No fruit though, there might be sugar in it. I should probably start chugging two gallons of water a day too…and exercise. Crap, I gotta fit exercise in there also. AGGGHHHHHH!”

Sounds a little like mission impossible, am I right?

Let me let you in on a huge secret. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is no perfect diet. Let me repeat that. THERE IS NO PERFECT DIET.

Keto? Paleo? Whole 30? South Beach? Mediterranean?

Do you know what every single one of these diets have in common?

The person on it cut out a lot of processed crap and put themselves into a calorie deficit.

I’m pretty sure of all the diets I listed above, not one of them says hey girl, it’s cool to stop at McDonalds 3x a week. Royal Farms for dinner tonight, sheets MTO tomorrow night?? Yeah dude, hit it up.

Here’s the deal guys…I don’t need to make this a long winded blog.

You know, and I know, that every single one of us can make our diet just a little bit better. And what does a little bit better, meal after meal, day after day, do? It adds up, that’s what it does!

I get it, we’re living in a crazy, fast paced world. If life was peaches and every single week we were able to set aside two days to meal prep and have every single meal portioned perfectly, and we didn’t get sick of eating the same stuff over and over…all would be good. But the reality is, even those of us that have the best of intentions and are pretty on top of it…have off weeks.

How do we survive those off weeks? By trying to do just a little better every chance we get! No choice but to swing through the drive through on the way home? Skip the sweet tea and get a bottle of water. Maybe ditch the fries and get the side salad. Office luncheons you have to attend where they have Qdoba catered? Take the wrap of and make it into a bowl. Eat until you are satisfied and don’t keep going until you want to puke. Weekly breakfast meeting? Opt for the veggie loaded, protein packed omelete and ask them to hold the toast so you won’t even be tempted. Repeat this with me. Just a little bit better. You got this guys.

Are you looking for more ways that you can do “just a little bit better?”

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