Some Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Let’s face it.  In times like this, having a stronger immune system is very important.  Here are some ways you can help boost your immune system.

Better Nutrition Choices: this is not the time to stock up on the alcohol, chips, and other processed junk.  Eating whole foods, drinking enough water, and getting enough protein and vegetables will better serve you.  When your gut is healthier, you’re better off fighting infections better and faster.

Daily Exercising: Exercising is one of the best ways to boost your immune system.  Dr. Mark Moyad, director of preventive and alternative medicine at the University of Michigan Medical Center, recommends anywhere from 30-60 minutes a day of exercise. Check out some examples below of some quick and effective workouts.

Kettlebell Swings: 5-10 sets of 30 seconds on with 1-2 minute breaks in between

Reverse Lunges into Pushups into TRX Rows

Stress Management: According to Dr. Moyad, high levels of stress and anxiety suppress your immune system.  Ideas that have helped our members are daily meditation sessions, prayer sessions, reading, and spending time with the family. 

            Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep: Sleep is not only critical for fat loss, but also plays a part in boosting your immune system.  When you’re not sleeping, cortisol levels are high.  When cortisol is high, it can overwhelm your immune system.  Try getting to sleep at a better time.  If you’re afraid to miss a show, DVR it.

Supplementation: Most of our members have found success with supplementation.  Some common ones we like to recommend are a daily multi-vitamin, Vitamin D, and Zinc.  Recently, I have been experimenting with a Beet supplement that I like.  Do your research and find something works for you.

Be safe and I hope this helps you out!

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