Supplements To Boost Your Immune System

Recently we discussed how you can best set yourself up for a healthy and productive winter. Adequate sleep, hydration, proper nutrition, regular exercise and minimizing alcohol are the best things to conquer first.

 Once we check off those boxes, can supplements help us too? Let’s look at some supplements that support the immune system during the winter months and beyond.

Supplements with that provide a great boost to the immune system include:

Vitamin C


Vitamin D

B Vitamins


Supplements To Boost Your Immune System

All of these vitamins and minerals can positively impact immune system function and response. Now, everything on this list can also be consumed through a healthy diet. Vitamin D may be challenging to get through nutrition and if you do not regularly eat fruits and vegetables, vitamin C may be hard to get as well. This is where supplementation can prove to be helpful. Supplementing with any of these vitamins and minerals can give us a boost for added support.


As always, nutrition is first. Eat a balanced diet with lean protein, fruits and vegetables. Proteins like lean ground beef, poultry and eggs are great sources for zinc, selenium and B vitamins. Fruits and vegetables can supply the majority of vitamins and minerals on this list. In addition, they provide fiber that your body and belly desperately desire. Supplementation can further these efforts but you must eat well first.


If you feel like you want the added boost, it is best to check with your doctor or healthcare provider before starting any new supplements. Any dosage concerns or avoidance can be discussed to minimize any interactions with medications or health conditions.

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