What are Your Goals in 2019?

“I want to lose weight”…..” “I want to get in better shape”….. “ I have a wedding and want to look good in my tux or dress”

These are all great but lets’ first look at 2018 and all that has happened.  What happened that was good and bad?  What did you learn?  What are you going to work on next year?”

This is a great exercise to do!

To help you out or to give you an idea, I did this myself on the fly!

2018….what a year!

To say the last 365 days was a rollercoaster is an understatement.  2018 was full of ultimate highs……and it was full of lows (or so I thought at the time). I will say, that without my wife, parents, and family, NOTHING WOULD HAVE HAPPENED! What is for sure as I sit here typing this on the fly (no prep work or rough drafts), I learned A LOT ABOUT MYSELF AND WHAT I NEED TO IMPROVE GOING FORWARD IN 2019.

So before going in 2019, I need to figure out what went right, wrong, and what I need to work on.

First, what went right.  Well, a lot went right. 

  • I got married to my beautiful wife and best friend Amber in May
  • I ranked 8th in the Tactical Strength Challenge in April out of 200+ people
  • Amber successfully completed the Precision Nutrition & Strong First Level 2 certifications
  • I helped Jane & Doris complete the Strong First Kettlebell certifications
  • First Capital Gym saw a pretty good substantial growth
  • Met lots of great people
  • Bella found a hobby in riding horses
  • I got my own gym
  • THERE WERE MANY OBSTACLES AND HARDSHIPS (this is going to be a good thing)
  • I realize how I deal with hardships and stress

What Went Wrong

  • My health became an afterthought to growing a business>> Want to know how to gain about 10 pounds the fastest?  Start a business while not eating and sleeping enough
  • I let emotions and the inability to think things through make decisions
  • Lots of time that could have been spent with my family & friends was occupied by work

What I Learned In 2018

  • I react on impulse >> not good
  • I’m not a machine >> I usually had the energy to outwork people but I met my match this year
  • I have a fixed mindset>> not good

What I Need To Work On Going Forward

            So before I go on to this, I need to thank a mentor and friend of mine, Thomas Plummer.  Thom has helped us out A LOT throughout this year with decision making and advice.  A couple of Mondays ago, he suggested (better yet, forced me to) NOT TO STEP FOOT IN OUR GYM DURING THE NEW YEARS.  He also said to not work on anything business related and to RELAX.  Now, for most people, this is easy.  For me, it’s scary!!!!!  Besides my 2 day “honeymoon,” I haven’t taken any time off in years.  Based on Amber’s reaction to this “suggestion,” I knew this NEEDED to be done.  You see, I realized right then and there, the toll this year has taken on not only me, but my family.

So…..Going Forward

  • Take Time To Disengage From Work To Focus On More Important Things
  • Make time for family and friends
  • Block off time for this
  • Be there instead of “being there”
  • Be more involved in my church
  • My father, mother, and grandfather have been instrumental in my church….I need to be
  • Focus on my health
  • Train 3x per week
  • Sleep up 7hrs a day
  • Sleep in on Sunday til 7
  • Meditate & pray 1-2x per day
  • Work on my LEADERSHIP abilities
  • I thought this was automatic for me because of being in the Marines but now realize it’s a skill that I need to work on
  • Work on my MINDSET
  • Focus on the Growth Mindset
  • Think before reacting
  • Constantly grow as a person


I’m hoping this helped you out….

What are you trying to work on going in 2019? 

What do you need to fix to make this happen?