November 5th Fitness Tip

Like we mentioned last Thursday in our daily email, November & December are months where fitness goals sometimes takes a back seat. Again, not a good idea. With time sometimes being the issue (unless you train in the morning), you need ​​​​something that is quick & efficient. ​ Here is an example of something you could get in … Read more

Kettle Bell Push Press

When it comes to programming, the kettlebell push press is one of our favorite.  It’s a great exercise to throw in during a complex and awesome at building total body power!  If you been training with me for any length of time, I choose exercises that’s going to the most bang for your buck with … Read more

“How much can ya bench”

“How much can ya bench” isn’t too important to us.  Honestly, unless you’re competing or being tested in the bench press, we really care less.   When it comes to an excellent upper body strength builder, the pull up ranks at the top.  Here at Method Strength & Performance, we look at the pull up … Read more

The Turkish Getup

Looking for an exercise that’s challenging and gives a lot of bang for your buck?  Look no further than the Turkish Get Up (TGU).  The TGU requires mobility and stability throughout the whole movement.  It requires mobility in the ankle, hips, t-spine, and shoulders.  We use it mostly as a warm up exercise but have … Read more