Hitting That Inevitable Plateau

Over the course of the last three months we have heard from many people how they tried to step up their nutrition game. Awesome!!!! Congrats on taking the first step in the right direction on your nutrition journey!

Now that you are a little ways into you "diet" or if you've tried in the past, do you /have you found yourself hitting a slight wall in the way of progress?

So what happens when you do indeed hit that inevitable plateau?

I’ll give you three guesses as to what usually happens when someone hits a weightloss plateau and the first two don’t count. You guessed it- more often than not people simply give up or quit because things weren’t progressing as fast as they did in the beginning, or as they were before. If you think about it- it’s kind of like getting stuck in traffic or behind construction during your morning commute, and rather than slowly pushing on, you abandon your car on the road and walk back home. Or getting a flat tire and slashing the other three tires. Silly, right?

We know plateaus are inevitable but for some reason we think, oh that won’t happen to me, and then when it does, get discouraged and quit.

The reality is, when plateau, it means we’ve made progress. Weight loss is usually fast in the beginning because the more weight you have lose, the faster it comes up. Eventually though, as you get closer to your goal weight things start to slow up. This is actually a great time to look back over the progress you’ve had and think about what got you there. What steps got the first 20 pounds off?Are you still taking those steps? For example, are you still food journaling? Are you still planning your indulgences? Are you still making your training sessions? Or, are you going on three day binges followed up by inconsistent eating and workouts?

Don’t be the person that quits when the going gets tough. Fight through the plateau and keep in mind if you quit now, the progress you’ve made is for nothing, the weight will come back on, and you will be further even further from your goals.

Plateaus are a part of the journey, a small speed bump in the road that’s taking you to your destination. Do you turn around and go back, or do you keep pushing forward? Keep your focus on the journey- not the destination!

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