Is Your Training Preparing You For Everyday Life?

On July 4th, Amber, Bella, and I helped my some family move.  We didn’t care. I actually like to help people move. As a matter of fact, they installed our hardwood flooring at First Capital Gym so we owed them BIG TIME!  In all, it took roughly 7 hours to complete.  Beds, furniture, washer & dryers, and a ton of heavy duty tools.

Before we started, I told Bella to observe others while we were moving.  I told her to notice that the some of the helpers will probably burn out faster, not lift “heavier” things, and “disappear” for extended periods of time.  I told her that the strength training she’s doing with us is preparing her for days like this.  A few hours into the move, what I predicted to happen happened.  Despite being younger, Bella was able to keep up during the majority of the day.

That’s a 13 year old easily pressing a 12kg bell and pulling 85# easily off the floor.    

If I were to ask five hundred people why they worked out, I bet 95% of them would say to look good.  I’m not saying this is a bad answer but what about the other things in life?  Are you able to perform your job?  Are you able to walk up a couple flight of stairs without gassing out?  If your wife needed you to pick up the cooler for the camping trip, could you do it or would you ask her help?  Are you going to help move the couch upstairs or pretend that you’re busy with something else?  Your training, whether it’s at the gym, park, or your house, should benefit other areas in your life.  Help move the couch instead of pretending to be busy.

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