More Than Just…Eat Less, Move More

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You’ve got cabbage diets, lemon cleanses, the amputation diet…you know, the one where you just cut a limb off. Just kidding. But seriously. There are a million diets that mostly suck and the majority are silly and restrictive. There are a few decent ones, like the “Eat Less And Move More” plan, but none the less, most are doomed to fail. But why???

Move than just eating less moving more

The problem is, most people think the goal of weight loss should be AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. But it’s not. Not if you want it to work in the long run. Right now you’re thinking, “Amber, you’re crazy! If I lost 20 pounds, of course I would be happy!” But let’s look at it this way. Say you are on the world’s greatest diet and you quickly lose, 10, 30, 50 pounds in one month. Pretty amazing right?  Maybe, but what happens when you’re done dieting and you do back to your old eating habits, (and you will!) That weight will quickly comes back and then some.

Most people focus on how fast they can lose weight. Don’t be most people. You want to know the key to success? Focus on how long the weight will stay off. Your real goal? Changing how you interact with food plus a good dose of physical activity. Forever. Super restrictive diets rarely work and can lead to eating disorders. Instead, creating small, sustainable habits over time is going to produce the most results.

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