Try These For Stiff Joints

Stiff or painful joints can be an all too common bother when trying to achieve your fitness goals or simply live your life. Joint discomfort can usually make an appearance from wear and tear. There is nothing inherently wrong with the fact that your body has done a great job of keeping you moving throughout your life to keep up with the demands of your job, athletics and staying active.

A handful of popular supplements exist for joint support, none of which are magic pills and guaranteed to offer perfect relief. That does not mean that they are not helpful, you have something that cannot be reversed, meet somewhere in the middle. If you experience pesky joints, you probably understand that nothing ever feels 100% and you may find extra help with supplements. 

Glucosamine and Chondroitin are the two most popular supplements that I’d be willing to bet you’ve heard of before. If you haven’t taken it, you might have given it to your pet. They are both natural components of cartilage and are usually offered in the same supplement. Even though they are popular for joint support, the jury is still out on whether or not they are more effective by themselves or together.
Turmeric is another supplement commonly sought after for joint support. This is mostly due to circumin, a compound found in turmeric that has anti-inflammatory benefits. The idea being that a reduction in inflammation throughout the body can have an effect on the joint spaces that make it feel difficult to move. During my years at GNC, I probably sold more turmeric for joints than anything else.
SAMe also offers help with joint discomfort and has many functions including assistance with the production of cartilage. Supplementation with SAMe and all of the other supplements discussed in this blog will take a little time to show their effects. It will be hard to take a supplement meant to help with something that has taken years to develop and expect results in 2 days.

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