3 Variations of the Squat With Kettlebells

We’re going to end the month with three variations of the squat using kettlebells.  These are the rack, goblet, and front squat.  The goblet squat, named after Dan John, is a great exercise to start teaching people how to squat correctly. If you have a solid clean, the rack squat is an excellent exercise that not only works the legs but your core.  The front squat is another great strength builder for the legs and core.

When setting up for your squat, feet position definitely matters.  Too many times, when new members come to us, they are squatting with their feet straight ahead.  Depending on a few factors, especially your own hip anatomy, this mostly a recipe for disaster.  Yes, you should assess with your feet straight ahead but exercising it is a different story.

At First Capital Gym, we like seeing people put their feet at least shoulder width and their feet slightly turned out to the side.  Yes, you will have different squat stances depending on the type of squat you’re doing but for the goblet, front, and rack squat, this is usually sufficient.

As far as the squatting motion itself, here are a few points we like to see:

  • Heels and toes are stationary throughout movement
  • Actively pull yourself in the bottom position by driving the knees out
  • Neutral spine
  • Hips and shoulders come up at the same time
  • Hips and knees fully extend at the top of the movement

Here are a few example of each:

Goblet Squats

Rack Squat

Front Squat

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