5 Key Factors That Will Make or Break Your Fitness Goals

Over the years, I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to work with people in their fitness or performance endeavors.  Below I mention 5 key factors that are critical to your success.  Maybe you will find that one or more of these are lacking in your current training program. What is Your Goal? … Read more

Why I Use Kettlebells

In the setting where I train, I work with a variety of people.  I’ve worked with kids as young as 8 years old to an 89 year old man.  I work with people who are injured to athletes competing in sports.  Moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas have all trained with me.  As I continue to evolve my programming and as a trainer, I have found somethings work better for me than others.  In 2012, I was introduced to kettlebells by Joe Sansalone.  Needless to say, in addition to the Functional Movement Screen, the kettlebell has made the biggest impact for me and others.  After 4 years and a level two certification in the Strong First system, my only regret is that I did not start using kettlebells earlier in my career.  Kettlebells are a great training tool and you can find hundreds of articles that support their use from fat loss, to performance enhancement, to physical therapy.  Below are the reasons that I use kettlebells for myself and others.

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5 Tips for Finding the Right Trainer

I chose to write about this based on a Facebook post I read. A woman stated that she wanted to start lifting weights and asked where she should train. I read the responses and felt like there was no effective direction in helping this young woman. I can imagine the process to be a little overwhelming with all the choices.

Below are five tips to think about when the finding the right personal trainer for you.

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Thinking of Training with Kettlebells? 5 Things You Need to Know

Training with kettlebells provides many benefits whether its fat loss, increased muscle tone, rehab from an injury, or performance enhancement. With its compact size, you can take it pretty much anywhere to train. It’s a great tool that I use with pretty much everyone that I train including myself. Here are some tips I think you should know when training with the kettlebell.

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Get Screened…. 10-12 Minutes Is All It Takes!

New Year’s Day is the time when many people drop bad habits, start eating cleaner, and head to the gym.  They have this great plan of going to the gym four times a week, cutting out sugars, with all intentions of losing 10-15 pounds.  The first week is getting accustomed to the new lifestyle.  The second week, everything is going good until they get back pain doing squats.  They stop going to the gym, put on more weight, and are worse than what they were.  This all could have been avoided by taking 10-12 minutes and performing a movement screen.

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