2 Dumbbell Circuit

In this video, First Capital Gym coach Amber Zuver shows a quick 2 dumbbell circuit consisting of: 10 Squats 10 Rows 10 Single Leg Deadlifts (5 each) 10 Presses 10 Bicep CurlsDepending on your fitness level, 3-5 sets is recommended. You can set the dumbbells in between exercises or go through it like it’s performed … Read more

2 Minute Barbell Complex

In this video, First Capital Gym coach Ryan Zuver shows a 2 minute barbell circuit (a modification of Martin Rooney’s version) consisting of: 6 Deadlifts 6 Rows 6 Sumo Deadlifts 6 Upright Rows 6 Overhead Presses 6 Overhead Tricep Extension 6 Curls 6 Close Grip Bench6 Wide Stance Press 6 Close Grip Press 6 Wide … Read more